The Lancia Thema from Detroit

This site is about the European Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 generation 2 is sold in continental Europe as the Lancia Thema and is a classic example of badge engineering done to an automobile. If you are a Chrysler fan and wish your Lancia Thema was in fact branded as the real thing, then this site might help you in following that goal.


Sourcing Parts

The LX Lancia Thema is in reality a Chrysler 300 with just minor changes in terms of badges / emblems. The car is assembled by Chrysler in the Brampton assembly in Canada.

You will be able to order the parts described in this article in Europe through the FCG Mopar dealer network. If you wish, you can also source them in the US. You will find several Mopar authorized dealers with discounted prices. Also, don't forget to search on ebay.

When ordering, send your VIN to make sure you get the parts for the right model year and trim level / color of the car. The car used in this project is an Executive trim level (aka 300C Luxury) with -L9 Dk. frost beige / Lt. frost beige and *ZL Lux Leather 


The Front Grille

Mopar offers an extensive range of front grilles for the Chrysler 300. The online Mopar catalog is your first source of information.

My car is a black monotone paint, so I decided to go with a black / chrome finish grille and black accent chrysler wing. This is actually the stock grille used in the 300S version.

Part ordered was # 82212557 (Black/Chrome Finish Horizontal Bars Insert, includes grille surround)


Decklid wing and nameplate

In order to match the black accent wing in the front grille, I ordered part # 68093012AB (Chrysler Wing Badge w/Black Accent)

The Decklid 300 nameplate

The original Lancia Thema executive is a 300C Luxury, so it probably makes sense to order the 300C nameplate. Anyway, in the end, I decided to order part # 68087310AB (ie. 300 without the C)


Door Sill Guards

The right thing to do is probably replace with the same type of door plate, but with Chrysler brand. However, I decided to order the optional illuminated version with the Chrysler logo. The background led color is blue and is a perfect match with the interior blue light of the car.

The mopar part number is # 82212284 (Stainless Steel Illuminated, set of four, Chrysler logo)


The interior Analog Clock

The mopar part number is # 56046230AA


Floor Mats

The factory Luxury version of the 300 floor mats for the beige interior color. The mopar part number is # 1NK36HL1AC (Luxury Front and Rear Floor Mats for -L9 color with 300 logo)

For the trunk, the correct part number to replace the black mat is 1NG22DX9AB (Carpet. Trunk. with 300 logo)


Wheel Center Caps

The mopar part number is 1LB74SZ0AB (You need 4)


The Drivers Airbag emblem

Your only option here is to buy a new airbag, as you can't just order the emblem or cover alone. Make sure you order with the correct chrysler wing emblem according to your interior trim / color.

I tried to order this part from a mopar online dealer in the US but they were unable to ship it internationally, as air bags are considered Dangerous Goods class 1.4G Explosive. Fortunately, I called the local Chrysler garage and they ordered this part in a week through the normal EU mopar dealer network

The mopar part number is 1VQ64HL9AB (Chrysler Wing Badge w/Black Accent Color -L9)


Logo programming

Last but not least, you need to replace the Lancia logo in the speedometer and navigation screens.

I found this service available from Kraftwerk in Germany.

Getting legal

The conversion is done and I plan to enjoy the superb Chrysler 300C as my day to day car. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a major headache and so far I could not get this conversion legally accepted in my country.

The problem
I filled a formal request to the Portuguese authorities in order to have this change endorsed in the vehicle registration certificate. The main reason is to avoid problems,  in case of police checkpoints. So far I have not been successful, and I am fighting with the typical inflexibility from public services.
I can only see it as pure bureaucracy. The LX Lancia Thema is exactly the same car as the euro version Chrysler 300C. Both have the same EU homologation number. The replaced parts are all OEM from Mopar, compatible with the vehicle VIN and certified to be installed in the vehicle platform.
300C 1
300C 2
300C 3
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